Deck Construction Tips

23 March 2023
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Deck construction is a viable return-on-investment project. It is especially so since decks increase the functionality of a property. If you intend to build a deck on your property, continue reading for some valuable insights.  

Determine The Deck's Location

From the onset, you must determine the best location to build the deck. For instance, a deck at the front of your house serves as a recreational area to host guests visiting your property. The primary benefit of this deck is that guests do not have to enter your home. It is a viable option for people who enjoy their privacy.

The deck could also adjoin your kitchen. In this case, the deck significantly increases the functionality of your kitchen. For example, you can easily host barbeques in your home since you can quickly move food from the kitchen. Alternatively, you could build the deck next to the swimming pool. It is the perfect recreational space after a swim. For instance, you could place sun loungers on the deck. 

Examine local building regulations to establish deck construction restrictions. For example, if you live in a strata development, strata laws could prohibit you from building a deck at the front of your home. Moreover, the building code could compel you to seek building permits when putting up a deck. Is the deck legal? If your property has an existing easement, avoid building the deck on the easement. Besides, ensure the deck does not cross the property boundary. 

Choose Suitable Designs 

Below are some deck design tips to consider; 

  • What is your preferred size? Consider large decks that can accommodate many people. However, the deck size should complement the property size or take up your entire landscape.
  • What amenities can improve the deck's functionality? For instance, you could install an awning or roof to protect guests from harsh weather. The area could also have a handwashing or cooking station.
  • How high is the deck? If the deck is several meters above the ground, consider a grill to guarantee the safety of kids on the deck.
  • What is your preferred deck shape? Decks can incorporate all kinds of shapes. The rule is to choose a shape that compliments your home's architectural style. 

Hire An Experienced Contractor

The primary benefit of decking contractors is that they have the competence needed to guarantee the structural integrity and durability of the deck. For instance, they assess the slope and soil conditions to determine the type of footings to use. Moreover, they help you compare the different decking materials. 

Contact a contractor to learn more about your deck construction project.