How Will You Plan Subdivision Preparation?

27 August 2021
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Have you been thinking about acquiring a large piece of land and using it to build a subdivision? Maybe you already have such a piece of land that you no longer need? Subdividing land can be a great way to receive a substantial return on your investment, but it can take careful planning to ensure that the subdivision is a success rather than a costly mess. If you want to complete the entire subdivision process alone, nothing is stopping you. However, you would probably achieve better results and find the process much less stressful if you work with a team of experienced people who have completed similar work many times before.

Planning your subdivision

Maybe you already know what you want the subdivision to look like, or perhaps you are just starting the process. Either way, it is never too early to bring in outside help to assist with your subdivision preparation. Before you can begin to think about starting to build, you must prepare. Proper subdivision preparation is essential to the ultimate success of the project. Think about what you want to develop, where you will develop it and what strategies you will need to meet your goals successfully. As a part of this process, you will need to put tax structures in place and determine a realistic budget for each stage of the development. Here are three ways that professionals can help with your subdivision preparation.

Setting your goals — Any subdivision preparation work will begin by determining your personal goals. Everything else that happens on the project must lead towards achieving those goals, so setting those goals must come first. Once the goals are in place, your team can help to formulate development strategies that align with your circumstances. They can also fix a preliminary budget that can guide future decision-making.

Arranging the finances — Maybe you already own the site you want to develop. Or, perhaps you are still looking for a site. Regardless, a vital part of subdivision preparation is setting up the tax structures and preparing an investment vehicle to take care of the financial side of the development. Having advice from an experienced property accountant can save you money and avoid potentially costly mistakes. The right advice can also open up contact with potential investors you may need to finance your project.

Creating a project brief — Before the development can begin, there must be a subdivision brief that will either set out the procurement of a site that is a potential possibility or explain the delivery strategy for an existing site. The brief will take into account everything which has already been agreed upon at earlier stages of subdivision preparation.

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