What To Do When Your Commercial Refrigerators Start Malfunctioning

4 February 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Many commercial companies use refrigeration for all sorts of purposes, from medical storage to food preparation. Whatever your needs are, there are some steps you should always follow when your commercial refrigerators stop working as intended, and you need to act fast. Refrigeration repair should be the first number you call, but there are some steps you can take to minimise the damage and risk before and after the mechanics arrive. Here are three things you should do when your commercial refrigerators stop working.

Transfer High-Risk Items

If you work in an industry where it is extremely important that particular items stay refrigerated, such as vaccines or organic samples, then you should get those items into another controlled environment as soon as possible. Refrigeration repair can take hours and you do not want to disturb the mechanics when they have started working, so it is best to move the most important items before they get there. Even if you transfer them to a non-controlled refrigerator (such as a normal fridge), it would be better than leaving them in the freezer room as it is likely to get rather hot with limited air conditioning and a lot of warm bodies and tools in the vicinity. 

Insulate The Area As Best As Possible

To prevent the refrigeration from becoming completely warm, it is a good idea to try to insulate the room as much as you can. This can be anything from putting wet towels and cloths on the glass doors (if it is a retail fridge) or moving all the items away from the doors and into the centre of the room. If you have a spare, portable air conditioning unit lying around then get that into the freezer room as soon as you can. The less the temperature changes mean the less likely you are to lose products.

Clear A Space 

Refrigeration repair will require access to all the important electronic and mechanical components used in your freezer room, so you should clear a space around the control panel and any other important functions. When the mechanics arrive, this will save them time and allow them to get straight into the work. If you have a particularly niche fridge to work with, such as a salad bar, then make sure to point out all the important controls and so on to the mechanics as they arrive as they might not have worked with that exact style of refrigeration system before. 

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