The Benefits of a Design and Build Service for a New Home

17 August 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


These days, many new home builders in Australia offer design and build services that are geared up for the numerous self-build projects that go on in the country every year. If you have ever dreamed of building your home to meet your exact requirements and lifestyle aspirations, then appointing a building firm that can also handle the design stage is a smart move. Although new home designs don't have to be very detailed to get a basic idea, as soon as you begin to break the ground to start pouring concrete foundations, you will definitely need a proper blueprint to work from. Why are design and build services so helpful in this regard?


New home builders who carry out the detailed design of your structure for you can also get on with the job of making those plans a reality. If you come up with your own design, then a lot of the daily decisions the building contractors will need to be resolved will remain open-ended. In turn, this slows the build phase down as you need to make choices between different structures, materials and processes. Of course, you could turn to an architect to come up with the final design and make many of those choices for you. However, this means another set of professional fees and liaison between more than one company — the architectural firm and the new home builder. It is better to have this all done in one place where the whole project is overseen by the same team.

Save Money

When you turn to new home builders with experience of design and build projects, you can often save money, sometimes running into thousands of dollars. Of course, appointing a design and build firm to manage your project does not mean compromising and coming up with a design that is anything other than original. However, an experienced firm of builders will usually be able to guide you into choosing variants of designs that are already known to work. That means fewer errors will be made during the building phase and it could also mean choosing less expensive construction materials that do an equally good job. New home builders who have to stick to pre-ordained architectural plans can rarely offer such tips and advice.

Shorter Project Times

Because design and build firms know what they're doing with new home designs, you can get moving at a much earlier stage. So long as the external layout is designed, it is possible to start the earthworks. New home builders can have one team working on these aspects of the build while the designers get on with the other aspects of the design — such as the lighting system and the internal layout — so that the whole project becomes contracted meaning you can move in that much sooner.

If you have additional questions, reach out to a local new home builder.