Guidelines to Help with Ducted Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

17 July 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


One cleaning tool that offers more efficiency than regular vacuum cleaners is the ducted vacuum cleaners. These types of vacuum cleaners allow you to clean almost everything in your home. They are ideal for elements such as curtains, carpets, and furniture. These devices work to get rid of various pollutants. For you to get the most efficiency from your ducted vacuum cleaner, you have to maintain and clean them. Follow these maintenance guidelines for these devices.

1. Empty the Bin

It can be easy to forget to empty the vacuum bin. That is because you do not see any physical thing every time you are vacuuming. You only plug in the hoses and start cleaning. But keep in mind that these machines have a bin that collects all the debris. Thus, you have to empty these bins after using them. It is critical to empty these bins before they get full. That is because a full container can be challenging to carry. Check the bin constantly and empty it before it is more than half full. It will take about four months to get to this level. 

2. Inspect Hose and Hoseheads

For your unit to work efficiently, the pipes need to be in good condition. Therefore, inspect the hoses for signs of normal wear and tear. Also, check for any damages in the hose heads. After some time, the hose head can get dirt build-up. It is critical to get rid of the build-up before you begin using your vacuum cleaner. Also, replace the carbon brushes after about four years. That will ensure system efficiency every time you use it. 

3. Inspect Motor Fasteners

When installing the central vacuum, the experts put it right into the home. These machines are built around an electric motor. Thus, if the system experiences problems, its service will get interrupted. That will lead to many types of issues. For instance, you will be forced to leave your house dirty. Also, the unit might have to get expert repairs. The best way to avoid malfunction is by checking the fasteners every once in a while. 

4. Go Through the Manual

One good aspect of the ducted vacuum cleaner is that it requires little maintenance. When experts are installing the system, they ensure everything is in the right place. These professionals also analyse every part of the vacuum to ensure it runs efficiently. Take the time to go through the manufacturer's manual. It will contain details of how to use and maintain your unit. 

In conclusion, proper maintenance of your ducted vacuum cleaner will ensure it is efficient all the time. That is why you should work with maintenance professionals. These experts will keep checking your unit to prevent the need for repairs or early replacement.