What Do the Experts Look at When Surveying a Building?

24 February 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Building surveying is a professional exercise done to examine the accessible sections of developed property. The report details the state, nature and condition of all the features that you can see on the building. Normally, the report generated from a building survey always varies depending on your specific needs or the relevant authority in need of the report. Several instances often lead to the need for a building survey. You might need it to acquire permits for further developments on your building, demolitions or extensive makeovers. Typically, here is what the surveyor will examine in the course of a building survey: 

Interior Building Features

Building surveys involve a close examination of interior building features. The aim is to establish the suitability of the building's interior, considering various aspects such as occupancy requirements, fire safety and many others. The surveyor will look out for rot on the materials used in construction, woodworms, condensation and dampness. All these elements affect the building's habitability and pose hazards to the inhabitants. The survey extends to interior features such as floors, walls, ceilings and chimneybreasts. If the report details extensive cracks on the building's ground floor, for example, is enough justification for a more detailed analysis on your foundation. 

External Building Features

The external building features are essential for both aesthetic value and structural integrity. They must meet specific standards for you to get approvals, including occupancy permits. Additionally, they have a direct effect on the conditions of the interior features. The surveyor will look at the roof, focusing on things like the roofing material and angular inclination of the roof. There is a need to look at the gutters and overall management of runoff water on the roof. Poor management of the runoff water affects the ventilation and quality of living conditions in the interior space. 

The overall drainage around the house also comes into play. If the report cites poor drainage in the areas immediately next to the house, then you need to rectify this immediately. Water seeping into the ground affects the integrity of your building's foundation. 

Service Features

Service features refer to the utilities required by the occupants of the building. Do you have an adequate supply of water for all the occupants? Does your building offer enough protection in the event of a fire or other possible accidents? Building surveys are necessary for addressing such questions, and you can rely on them to make the best adjustments. Make that business facility the place to be for your tenants! Look for someone who provides building surveying services in your area.