Why Modern Kitchens Are Improved By Bespoke Furniture

18 June 2019
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If you are considering redesigning your kitchen for a new layout or simply to provide additional space for new appliances, then you can always rely on standard cabinetry to do the job. Work surfaces and kitchen cupboards come in standard sizes that make it easy for kitchen designers to come up with workable plans. This approach is used in the majority of Australian kitchen designs.

Although such designs can be adjusted and re-jigged in a number of ways to suit personal tastes and the necessary functions that the kitchen will be used for, the standardised system does have its limitations. For luxury jobs—and even more modest ones, in some cases—kitchen designers are increasingly turning to bespoke furniture instead. What are the main reasons for turning to professional cabinet-makers to construct your new kitchen?


A kitchen which has individually fashioned cabinets can make use of all of the available space. When you have standardised units instead of those made to the exact dimensions of your kitchen, there is often some dead space which remains unused as a storage area. Although kitchen cabinets come in standard sizes, kitchens themselves rarely do. As such, you normally have a few spare centimetres here and there which end up being unusable. On the other hand, with a made-to-measure approach, all of the cabinetry can be made to fit together with the dimensions of your kitchen exactly. This can be especially important if you have a relatively modestly sized kitchen or are trying to incorporate additional features, such as breakfast bars or island units.

An Individual Look

Kitchen cabinets are modular. You fit the units themselves and then choose the doors and the countertops you want before selecting your preferred handles. Although this means there are very many possible combinations, they are finite. On the other hand, with a fully bespoke kitchen, all of your furnishings can be completely individualised to your personal preferences. This way, you will end up with something that no one else on the planet has, making this key room in your home one that is truly your own.

Coordinated Seating and Cabinets

Although most cabinet-makers don't make seating too, their work can be brought together with furniture-makers to offer a coordinated kitchen which looks perfect with your dining area. Redesigning kitchens is very popular nowadays, and with the right team of kitchen designers, furniture-makers, and cabinet-makers, you can achieve an incredibly sophisticated look that is also unique. 

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