4 Structural Problems Industrial Buildings Are Subjected To Over Time

21 May 2019
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One of the essential industries in any country is the manufacturing sector. Although it's essential to keep the manufacturing equipment and machinery in good condition to ensure production doesn't stop, the maintenance of the industrial buildings is also crucial. If work is conducted in a building that's compromised when it comes to its safety and integrity, the plant can get shut down until structural engineers evaluate it. Although actions like these aren't experienced when a building is maintained regularly, below are structural problems you'll experience if your industrial building is neglected for a long time.

Poor roof drainage system

If your roofing's drainage system is poor, water will get pooled on the roof, and many problems can occur. Since you don't want your machinery to be exposed to water, it's essential to contact a structural engineering firm so they can send their experts to inspect the roof to make sure the gutters work correctly. Another drainage system can be installed if the old one can't be repaired.

Wall damage

Over time, both the exterior and interior walls of your industrial building can experience some damage. With the use of operations vehicles, forklifts and other heavy equipment, damages will occur over time. If damage occurs (no matter how insignificant it seems) be sure to get it evaluated by an engineer and repaired immediately. While most damages are usually cosmetic, it's better to take precautions; you don't want severe damages to occur.

Damaged columns

Impaired columns can be extremely dangerous, although this is determined by the severity of the damage. You don't what the columns to get in the way of the forklift operators; this can be risky even to the rest of the team. However, if the damage is minor and isn't causing structural impacts, operations should continue as usual.

Insufficient framing

Most industrial structures tend to be old. When the building was initially designed, the framing might have been designed to offer support at a certain level. When you call structural experts to evaluate your industrial building's framing, they will check if there are any issues. In most cases, problems occur when a lot of stress is put on the framing. Due to this, it is vital to get the framing inspected every time a piece of new machinery or equipment gets added because it may increase stress on the building.

To get excellent service, it's important to choose a reputable company. This way, every component of the building will be checked to identify potential problems and get them fixed.

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