Three Essential Points to Keep in Mind Before Land Division

7 May 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If your home is built on a large block of land, you should consider the option of dividing the lot. In general, the division of the land will allow for the construction of more compact houses. Consequently, you will be able to sell part of your land or all the formed lots for profit. This type of residential land development is highly beneficial and can be profitable. However, you should not make blind assumptions about the success of your land division project. The success of each division undertaking can vary, depending on the specific circumstances. Here are crucial points to remember before proceeding to the division work.

Avoid Profits Overestimation

When planning for your project, you should not be careless in making the profits estimate. In simple terms, the potential earnings from dividing up your lot can be high. However, you must never work with an exaggerated or poorly calculated figure. When calculating the possible profit, you should be realistic in your estimations. Under ideal circumstances, you should conduct an evaluation of other homes or lots in your area and identify their current price.

Do not increase the potential selling price without supporting evidence. You should also check the demand for compact lots around your home. You will not make money if no one is interested in your divided land. Then, you should subtract the potential costs of completing the legal land division work. These expenses include surveying the land, adding essential utilities, filing crucial forms with the local council and obtaining titles for the land.

Check the Precise Land Size

If you have determined that land division is a good move for your block of land, you should check the precise size of your current lot. You must keep in mind that each residential zone has predetermined density rules. Therefore, you cannot create your lots without taking into account these limitations. In general, you will need to use a professional surveyor to check the land size and determine whether it is eligible. Make sure that there will be enough area for divided lots and their driveways.

Consider the Approval Aspect

The local council will not approve your division work if you do not have a drafted plan for the project. In simple terms, you must show clear evidence on how you plan to create two or more usable lots. You can attempt to conduct this process personally. However, you are likely to face rejections, necessitating recurrent correction. Therefore, you should engage a qualified draftsperson or another contractor for planning assistance.