Choosing the right location for your new shed

12 March 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Every home needs a shed. If you don't have a shed, where are you going to store all of those items that need to be kept in a dry and secure location but don't belong inside your home? Sheds are a good place to store tools and unused items of garden furniture, but they can also become a great place to escape for a while yourself when you need a few minutes of peace and quiet. 

In some cases, there may be only one possible location for your shed and you will have to work with the available space. At other times, sheds could be sited in a variety of locations and choosing the best one can be a struggle. Here are three things to consider before you make your decision.

How far away should the shed be?

Think about how often you will be visiting the shed and what you will be carrying to and from the shed. If you will be regularly moving anything heavy between your home and the shed, then you don't want a location too far away from your house. If you plan to store tools in the shed that will be used on a distant part of your property, then locating the shed close to that area makes sense.

Do you need power?

One of the biggest considerations may be whether you need electricity in the shed. Running cables from your home may not be a major concern if the shed is sited near your home, but it could be expensive or even impossible to install if you decide to site it at a considerable distance away.

How will it affect the rest of the property?

Sheds can be a great asset to any home, but a shed in the wrong place can quickly become unloved if it breaks up the neat symmetry of your garden or if you place it in a sunny spot that is ideal for sunbathing. If you want to show off your shed's design, then placing it in a prominent location could add a feature to the landscape. If you are less worried about appearance and are more interested in adding a workshop or storage shed, then finding a way to screen it from view may be a good idea.

Garden sheds can add convenient storage to your home. Talk to your shed supplier today and see how you can add one to your home.