3 Event Upgrades to Your Standard Portaloo Rentals

24 October 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you have been renting portaloo options for your various events through the year, then you likely are used to the traditional option. The traditional option is chemical composting with no flushing. Though these rentals work fine, there are some upgrades that you can make to your normal portaloo hire that will give people attending your event more comfort and more useful amenities. Here are three of those upgrades to consider for your portaloo hire

Flushable Portaloo

One of the biggest upgrades you can have from you traditional portaloo option is to go with a flushable option. The flushable options connect to a tank that is provided by the portaloo company. The tank can be hidden and will capture the waste and then be removed and disposed of after the event. The flushing portaloo options usually come with a hand washing or hand sanitizing station as well. This makes it more hygienic and easier to use. Most of these options also are wheelchair accessible.

Family Portaloo

If you are having an event that will have large numbers of children or families, then a family portaloo may be ideal. These options are much larger than your traditional portaloos. The family options will allow you to take in all of your children at once and use the facilities. The family option comes with a flushable toilet as well as a washing station and a diaper changing station. This means you can step in and get your entire family taken care of before going back out to the event to enjoy the entertainment. Keep in mind; traditional options may not have enough room for more than one child and a parent.

Portaloo Trailers

One option if you don't want multiple stand-alone portaloo options is to go with a portaloo trailer. The trailers allow you to have an indoor bathroom feel at outdoor events. The trailers house several stalls, sinks and even countertops and flooring. Some of the units have a handicapped accessible stall and a family stall as well. This can give your guests a more comfortable familiar option, especially for children with special needs who may have issues with traditional small portable options.

These are just three of the upgrades that you can request for a portaloo hire to use at your next event. If you are ready to place an order for an upcoming event contact your local portaloo equipment hire for more details. They can also answer questions, schedule delivery and discuss other options that may be available.