The common misconceptions which people have about digital concrete X-ray

1 March 2018
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Concrete is a popular building material because of qualities such as durability, ease of maintenance and the new array of beautiful finishes. A lot of technological advances have been made in the preparation, pouring and curing of concrete floors. If a mistake happens in any step of the process, it is now possible to inspect the concrete using digital concrete x-ray. However, there are a lot of people with reservations about the technology. It is important to demystify the technology so that contractors and home owners can have an easy time using it.

It is risky to perform digital concrete x-ray

Like all other types of x-rays, you can expect that radiation will be emitted when performing a digital concrete x-ray. However, the levels of radiation emitted can be controlled and kept at the safest levels when the process is carried out by people who have received extensive training and have enough experience at it. When experts handle the job walks, they make sure that the level of radiation stays below the recommended safety standards and that the safety of everyone on site is safeguarded.

It is better to do digital x-ray than GPR

The two services perform the same function; however, each has their set of circumstances where they work best. For instance, if you want to get a digital x-ray, you need to make sure that you cannot access both sides of the concrete slab, that your slab is more than twelve inches in thickness, and that you and all people on site are able to vacate the site for the process to be carried out. If you know that the slab is in an accessible area, and you do not necessarily need an exact picture of what is happening inside the slab, you can opt for GPR.

It takes a long time to get results

Digital concrete x-ray is so fast and accurate that it gives you exact pictures of the inside of your slab in less than ten seconds. The only instance when the results could take longer is if the company carrying out the process decides to withhold the information gathered.

When technology is integrated to the building and construction processes, they become very manageable. However, it is important to understand the technology being used and where there are doubts, hire experts. With the assistance of concrete inspection experts, the process of getting the exact issue with your slab will be very simple.