Simple Tips for Sprucing Up Your Property's Landscaping

21 February 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Your home's landscaping might be more important than you realise; the features of this landscaping are what create a welcoming and inviting space around the house itself, and your property's landscaping could even affect its overall value. You don't necessarily need to hire a landscaping company to manage the landscaping features of your yard for you, as the following simple tips and tricks might be all that you need to make that landscaping look downright stunning.

Adding colour

It's good to bring in at least some pops of colour when planning your landscaping and avoid planting all the same colour of bushes and other landscaping features. You also want to avoid planting only shrubbery along the home's exterior, as even the healthiest of shrubs are likely to visually disappear into the lawn around them. If you have a hard time maintaining flowers, opt for hearty flowering bushes, such as lilac, rhododendron or rose of Sharon. These can add bold colour either in front of the property's shrubs or as a colourful replacement for those shrubs, making your landscaping really stand out.

Break up long patches of grass

Break up a long patch of grass with a brick walkway through it, and some colourful flowers between those bricks, such as vervain or butterfly bush. You might also add a large and colourful bush right in the centre of the yard with some patio pavers around it to create a visual attraction that tones down all that green grass. You can also extend the areas of the landscaping that border long patches or large areas of grass; add patio pavers outside the edge of that landscaping to make it seem deeper or add a small row of the colourful flowers mentioned above.

Look at different landscape supplies to figure out what looks best on your property.

Add varying texture

Colour is very important for landscaping, but so is varying texture. This means to mix up the actual leaves or shoots of various landscaping plants, such as adding longer shoots next to bushes with thick leaves or bushes with pointier shoots next to those that are very soft and wispy. As an example, hayneedle bushes are a bit pointy, whereas Candy Oh! roses are flatter and rounder than standard rosebuds. Witch hazel plants are wispy and grow in long strands that fall away from the bush itself, but azalea bushes are very full and may seem soft to the touch. Mix and match bushes and plants like these for added depth and texture in your landscaping to make it more attractive overall.