Three Renovation Tips for Improving Your Electrical System

20 February 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


The residential electrical system is often neglected by homeowners. Therefore, the power setup tends to deteriorate in the background over time, and electrical hazards and inefficiencies develop due to the lack of care. In most cases, homeowners will only perform maintenance and repairs when the electrical system fails. This form of negligence can be dangerous because unidentified hazards could cause shock and fires. Electrical renovations will not only eliminate the hazards. They also ensure that the efficiency of your electrical system improves significantly. Here are some simple tips to consider using in your home for your renovation projects.

Upgrade the Wiring

You should have your wiring inspected by a licensed electrician before your renovation project. It is not uncommon for an old home to have out-dated or faulty wiring. The problem might not be apparent on normal days, and the signs of wiring issues might only be simple flickering of lights or appliance motor start delays. However, if the wiring is not upgraded, serious consequences such as overheating and electrical fires might develop. Therefore, you should have your wiring examined. If there are faults, you should commission rewiring as part of your renovation. During this process, you can replace the circuit boards for optimal performance.

Install New Outlets

In the recent past, the number of appliances, devices and gadgets in the home that rely on electricity has grown exponentially. Therefore, owners of older homes are forced to rely heavily on power strips to supply electricity to these products. Unfortunately, the power strips or extensions can pose numerous problems in the home. For instance, the high demand of power from one socket might cause the overload of the circuit. Also, extension cords are tripping hazards, and if they become frayed, they could shock people accidentally. You can resolve this issue by having your electrician add a few more outlets in your home along with the new wiring during your renovation project.

Replace Your Lights

Finally, you should think about replacing the lights in your home during the renovation work. The lighting in your property has a significant impact on the comfort of the residents. Moreover, the choice will influence the total power consumption in the property. Therefore, you should review your current bulbs and lamps. If they are not ideal for your house, you can plan for complete replacement. When choosing your lights, you should opt for energy efficient products such LED. Also, take note of the intensity and colour of the light for optimal comfort.