Why you should replace your cooling tower fill

13 February 2018
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One of the most important aspects of maintaining the safe operation of your HVAC system is ensuring that your cooling tower or air handling system is operating as it should. Problems within your cooling tower could encourage the growth of bacteria such as Pseudomonas and Legionells with potentially deadly results.

What problems can arise in cooling towers?

There are several common problems that can develop within cooling towers, one of the most frequent problems occurs when the coating on the inside of the cooling tower reaches the end of its life and requires replacement. If the coating is fine then perhaps the mastic that fills in the space between the joints has begun to lose elasticity, or maybe even fall out. When this happens you need to arrange for replacement as soon as you can. Allowing leaky joints to develop in your cooling tower will only lead to greater problems in the long-term.

Perhaps the most frequently experienced problem is the need for cooling tower fill replacement. Depending on the type of your cooling tower you could have a cross-corrugated fill or a vertical offset fill in your tower. Whichever type of fill your cooling tower contains it will eventually become contaminated or require replacing.

Why should I replace my fill?

Sometimes it is immediately apparent that cooling tower fill replacement is needed. You might have cooling tower fill that hangs or that has fallen or is visibly damaged. In other cases there may be no obvious damage to see but cooling tower fill replacement is still a great idea to improve the efficiency of your cooling tower. As your fill ages the heat transfer the cooling tower is supposed to facilitate can no longer occur properly because the tower cannot cool water as it should. When you start to notice this problem you may be tempted to think that your whole cooling tower needs to be replaced, but in many cases simply replacing the fill is enough to substantially increase the life of the cooling tower. This is especially true when your industrial cooling towers are serviced by a qualified engineer.

If you have industrial cooling towers that are giving you cause for concern then talk to a qualified engineer today. They will be able assess your situation and to suggest the correct steps that you should take to ensure your cooling towers are running efficiently and safely for many years to come. For more information, contact companies like Marley Flow Control Pty Ltd.