The Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

12 February 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Many homeowners tend to be hesitant about having ducted air conditioning systems in their home. The biggest reason for this is fear that the system will prove to be a great eyesore that is offensive to the eye and displeasing to the mind. If the above is the only major concern you have, then it is time to seriously reconsider using a ducted AC unit. Some of the benefits you will derive from ducted air conditioning include:

Discreet, Low-Key Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioners are renowned for being discreet and low key. Accordingly, you can work with your HVAC contractors to have them installed anywhere within the home. The unit also blends in easily with the décor regardless of your interior design choices.

Balanced Air Conditioning

Thanks to its discreet nature, a ducted HVAC unit can have its grills placed anywhere within your house and still maintain optimum output. As they don't clash with the décor, you can work with your HVAC contractors to place the AC grills in the most effective position. As a result, you will be able to get balanced cooling and heating around the home efficiently.

Homeowners can likewise, zone out their house into different temperature zones. By using electric controls, you can maintain different heating/cooling levels around the house depending on your needs.

Ease of Installation

HVAC contractors will testify that the logistics around having ducted systems are much easier than other AC types. Their effectiveness, also, means a single ducted system can serve the entire house and save you the costs of having to run several different units concurrently. Homeowners will, as well, save significant amounts on repair and maintenance of the air conditioner(s) at home.

Reduced Noise Levels

In many quarters, air conditioning is perceived to be extremely noisy. They can, thus, be very disruptive to occupants around the house. With a ducted air conditioner, though, this should not concern you at all. Ducted air conditioners are renowned for being among the quietest systems on the market.

A ducted system will, thus, be invaluable for homeowners living in mainly urban areas. Your AC unit will not be the reason your neighbours are kept up late at night.

Apart from the benefits above, ducted air conditioning will benefit a homeowner through the increased value of their property. It is for all these reasons, and many more, that you should seriously consider installing a ducted system for your AC needs.