Simple and Affordable Ways to Bring Style to Your Home's Bathroom

12 February 2018
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If you have an unlimited budget, no doubt you could completely remodel and renovate your home's bathroom and make it look updated and stunning. However, for those on a limited budget, you may not be able to so easily create a more attractive space in the home's bathroom. This doesn't mean you need to live with an outdated or unsightly bathroom; note a few quick ideas and simple tips you might try, for adding personality and style to your home's bathroom.


A cheap shelving unit that is placed over and around the toilet is very popular with many homeowners, and it may be very functional, but this type of unit may also look cumbersome and downright unsightly. If you have the tools and skills, trim the legs off the unit and then bolt the cabinet part to the wall, so that it doesn't look so bulky, but still provides storage. A coat of fresh paint and some updated knobs for the doors can also make the piece seem more modern and updated.

Bold colour

A very good way to make over your outdated bathroom is to bring in some bold colour; invest in new linens and a new shower curtain in something bright and stylish, and consider a fun paint colour for the walls. You may not want to overpower your bathroom with colour, and especially if it's small, so look for bath towels in a neutral white with a stripe of yellow or red through the middle, and then smaller hand towels in that same yellow or red shade. In the same way, you can get a bold paint colour and just add a horizontal stripe across the bathroom walls, for that updated pop of colour that won't be overwhelming.


A basic mirror that is attached to the wall usually does nothing to enhance the appearance of the bathroom, so consider something more updated and stylish. Even a simple, square frame around the mirror can make it look updated and attractive, or you might go the opposite route and choose a very ornate, gilded mirror frame with lots of detailed scrolling. For something modern, add a string of LED lights behind a framed mirror, or behind one without a fame but with bevelled edges, so you can light up the mirror from behind. This can give your bathroom a fun glow and also bring attention to the new bathroom mirror.