End of lease floor cleaning tips to help you avoid losing your security deposit

8 February 2018
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One of the most controversial things about the end of a lease is the circumstances under which the security deposit can be deducted and when it is unfair to do so. Generally, landlords will deduct from the security deposit when there are damages which go overboard. The problem comes in when differentiating between the normal wear and tear, which should not be penalised, and the serious damage. Sometimes, whether you leave the house clean or not after moving out determines the penalties incurred.

Cleaning carpet stains

It is understood that carpets have a very short lifespan. Therefore, when returning the unit, the landlord will expect light stains such as shoe markings in the hallway and similar light stains. However, when the carpet gets serious stains such as pet urine and paint, you will lose your security deposit. It is, therefore, best to hire a professional carpet cleaner if you have any serious stains. The cleaners understand different types of carpet staining and the best way to get them out. They will work in a way which will preserve your security deposit.

Dealing with kitchen stains on tiles

Tiles can get stained as a result of kitchen mishaps. When this happens, both the tile and the grout which surrounds it will be stained, which will make cleaning close to impossible. Deep stains are effectively removed using bleach and other powerful oxidants. The options that you have for a thorough cleaning include steam cleaning, which can be done by professionals. If you want to handle the cleaning, you can use hydrogen peroxide or dilute muriatic acid. Apply the diluted acid to the stained area and then clean with a soft bristled brush until it is clean.  If the stains on the grout will not get off, consider replacing it.

Dealing with paint stains

Paint stains are quite tough to deal with, especially when they fall on a coloured tile. However, with the right tools, you can get rid of a huge concentration of the stain, leaving your floor clean and almost as good as new. For the most effective removal, you should use a citrus based paint remover, especially one that is approved for use on glazed services.

These are a few of the methods that will be effective in cleaning your floor at the end of the lease. Note that the best way to secure your security deposit is to hand back the rental unit in almost the same condition that it was given to you.