Signs that your solenoid valve is not working properly

5 February 2018
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Nothing is more stressing than trying to work with a valve which refuses to open completely, or opens partially. Sometimes, solenoid valves may stop working as a result of the simple things which we ignore a lot. However, at other times, there could be serious problems which need the help of professionals. If your water supply is turned on and there are no closed valves on the water supply, your valve could be having issues which need repairs. If you have tried a simple electrical test using an actuator, and the valve still does not work, you need to assess the valve for other signs of failure and then act accordingly.

The presence of leaks around the valve

A leaking area around the valve is usually the most common sign that your sprinkler valve is broken. If you find that the system is broken, you need to inspect where the water is leaking. Check whether the water originates from the solenoid, the anti-siphon unit or the valve housing. When you know the exact source of the problem, you will weigh between repairing and replacing it and make the best choice.

Low to no water on the sprinkler heads

Low water on sprinkler heads is usually another typical indicator of issues with the valve system. When the sprinkler system has low pressure, it is likely that the valve is not allowing enough water to flow into the system. Turning on the water and observing all the valves will help you find out whether it is just one valve which has issues, or there are several of them which are not functioning well. If you isolate the problem and place it on one valve, check the diaphragm of the particular valve because it could be the source of the problem.

The sprinkler valve does not turn on

Another indicator that you have a severe valve problem is when the sprinkler stops turning on when the timer indicates that it should. Here, the first step to take is to try and turn the valve on manually. If it turns on, you might have an electrical problem in hand, but if it does not, the problem could be the solenoid. It is possible to replace the solenoid and have your valve resuming normal function.

Those are some of the standard indicators of problems with the sprinkler valves. It is essential to make sure that you only consult with experts in construction contracting for the best advice on repair and replacement of sprinklers and their spares.