Benefits of Integrating Retractable Awnings to Your New Home Build

5 February 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Coming up with blueprints for your new home build can be quite exciting for the first time homeowners. Thus, you may be overwhelmed with various aspects of the new structure such as the number of bedrooms, how to structure your floorplans and so on. Since most people are focusing on how their interiors will appear, exterior additions tend to be thought of only after the construction is complete. If you live in Australia, you know you will probably be spending a considerable amount of time outdoors, especially if you have a patio or verandah included in your home construction plans. For that reason, the following are a few of the benefits of choosing to integrate retractable awnings in the construction of your new home build.

An extensive range of sizes

When considering a shelter for your exterior living space, you are probably thinking of having it built on sight to suit your specifications. However, this does not mean that it would be challenging to get custom sizes for your new home build. Retractable awnings are large enough to cover your entire deck and small enough to be fitted over individual windows. Therefore, you can be assured that your awnings will match and complement the kerb appeal of your premises. It also saves you the trouble of having to pick a shelter for your patio and then have to consider different construction supplies as exterior window treatments!

A decrease in your air conditioning bills

Air conditioning may be a staple in Australian homes, but this by no means implies you have to bear the brunt of exorbitant electricity costs to retain comfort in your home. A great way to keep your home pleasant and accrue manageable utility bills is by installing retractable awnings. During the hotter days, you can block the sun from blazing directly through your windows and heating up the interiors of your home. Conversely, when the temperatures dip, your retractable awnings can act as a thermal barrier that would help prevent thermal loss. Overall, you will be spending less on air conditioning all year round as you will be less reliant on this system.

Unobstructed sightlines of your property

Some homeowners may be sceptical about installing retractable awnings over their windows as they assume they will block out the views of their property. The great thing about the retractable variety is that they will not present an obstruction to your scenery. Whenever you want to enjoy the sunset or increase illumination, all you would need to do is adjust the angle of the awnings!