4 Practical Ways to Bring Your Shopfitting Expenses Down

18 June 2020
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If your retail outlet or shop isn't highly attractive and functional, it will not attract many customers. Shopfitting is one of the practical ways you can keep your commercial space vibrant and enticing to your potential customers.  However, you may need to find a way to reduce the shopfitting expenses since the process can be financially exhausting sometimes. Do you know what you can do to minimise the shopfitting expenses and still have an impressive retail store? Read More 

What Do the Experts Look at When Surveying a Building?

24 February 2020
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Building surveying is a professional exercise done to examine the accessible sections of developed property. The report details the state, nature and condition of all the features that you can see on the building. Normally, the report generated from a building survey always varies depending on your specific needs or the relevant authority in need of the report. Several instances often lead to the need for a building survey. You might need it to acquire permits for further developments on your building, demolitions or extensive makeovers. Read More 

Three Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Keep Your Glass Shower Screens Clean

11 February 2020
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Glass shower screens are present in nearly every house across Australia. From frosted glass shower screens to seamless, non-framed glass shower screens that seem to just appear out of the wall, there are many different shapes and sizes available, but all have one thing in common: they look terrible when dirty. Luckily, there are a few easy things you can do to keep them clean on a regular basis and on special occasions as well. Read More 

Two mistakes people make when renovating their properties

13 December 2019
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When renovating their properties, these are two mistakes that homeowners frequently make: Converting their attic into a type of room that could lead to the failure of their roof Whilst a loft can be converted into a room that serves a number of different functions, it is not quite as versatile as the other parts of a building. This is not only because it often has a triangular shape that can difficult to add new structures to, but also because it normally features a lot of exposed wood in the form of trusses and underlay materials. Read More 

Top 3 Reasons to Build With Timber Roof Trusses

25 November 2019
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Unlike traditional stick-framed roofs, which are composed of individual rafters that are installed at the construction site one member at a time, trussed roofs are built at an off-site facility under factory conditions and delivered to the building construction site for final assembly and installation. These triangular-shaped, ready-to-install roofing components are mainly available in timber and steel. Both timber and steel roof trusses do the same job of supporting the roofing materials that protect a building from the outdoor elements. Read More