Top 3 Reasons to Build With Timber Roof Trusses

25 November 2019
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Unlike traditional stick-framed roofs, which are composed of individual rafters that are installed at the construction site one member at a time, trussed roofs are built at an off-site facility under factory conditions and delivered to the building construction site for final assembly and installation. These triangular-shaped, ready-to-install roofing components are mainly available in timber and steel.

Both timber and steel roof trusses do the same job of supporting the roofing materials that protect a building from the outdoor elements. However, they offer different levels of performance because of their unique qualities. 

The following points explain some key advantages of building with timber roof trusses.

Timber Roof Trusses Are an Economical Choice

One of the key benefits of timber roof trusses over their steel alternatives is their cheaper price tags. These wood-based trusses require less time and labour to manufacture and install. They also don't require the use of heavy machinery to install. These qualities make them the perfect option for building owners with limited funds or those that are looking to save money. 

Timber Roof Trusses Provide Design Versatility

Timber allows for a range of design possibilities that may not be possible with other materials like steel. They can be custom-made to fit the architectural style of your building. For applications where aesthetics really matter, you have an almost infinite range of options. In fact, your design freedom is limited by your creative side only. For example, cathedral-style roofs with exposed timbers are a great option when it comes to making a home look more open and feel airier. 

Also, timber blends in nicely with other building materials such as the steel joints and seams used to link the wood frames together.

Timber Roof Trusses Are Excellent Thermal Insulators 

These days, homeowners and businesses alike prioritise the need to keep their energy bills at a minimum. When it comes to energy efficiency, timber outperforms steel owing to its natural ability to prevent heat gains and losses. Plus, timber is easier to insulate in applications where greater thermal efficiency is desired. 

If you are keen on maximising your building's energy performance, look no further than timber roof trusses. 

Ready to build with timber roof trusses? Contact a timber roof truss supplier near you to discuss your roofing needs and get your quote. To get the most out of your trussed roof, make sure your roofing installation job is done by a professional.