Reasons Why You Should Consider Metal Roofing

5 July 2019
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It is every homeowner's wish to have a long-lasting roof insusceptible to rot, mildew, pests and noise. While metal roofing has been surrounded by negative myths, recent years have seen a resurgence in its popularity on roofs with low pitches. This has been mostly due to the debunking of baseless beliefs such as it attracts lightning and that metal roofing material is noisier than regular shingle roofing. This article discusses the top reasons why you should consider metal roofing for your next project. 

Energy saving

Cool roofs are made from metal, which protects the house by reflecting most of the heat into the atmosphere and reducing heat transfer to the building. While some metal roofing supplies such as copper have natural reflective abilities, other available options are usually coated with special pigments that add on to this feature. With such a roof, a home needs less air conditioning, leading to lower energy consumption especially in hot seasons. In addition, metal roofing helps to reduce smog created by the urban island effect in large cities. 


Not only does metal roofing require low maintenance, but it is also a great option that is open to additional installations without fear of compromising your roof's quality. This makes it easy to attach components such as solar panels for water heating or electricity. Metal roofing options such as steel are also fully recyclable, presenting an alternative environmentally-friendly roofing option to regular shingle roofing. 


Metal roofing is known to last for over 50 years with proper maintenance. As mentioned earlier, these roofs require less maintenance than regular roofs, making the deal even more attractive. Pests and rodents have no appetite for metal roof supplies, and regular maintenance keeps rot and mildew away effectively. Metal roofing can also be painted any colour needed, making it an ideal choice for further customisation in this regard.


Known to be lighter than regular asphalt shingle roofing, metal roofing can be easily installed over an existing roof. This reduces the chances of damaging your roof, attic and ceiling while pulling it down for the new roof installation, while also saving you the costs involved with such a process. Be aware of the local legislation on roof repairs before undertaking this process in your area. 

Metal roofing makes for a highly desirable alternative that homeowners and contractors alike are turning to, after having realised its many advantages. Choose your preferred metal roofing supplies today and enjoy the convenience of a more environmentally friendly roofing option.